About Us

Welcome to Yewchati Company! We are two brothers and a childhood friend who have come together to bring you our take on simple, southern style. For years the three of us have wanted to work together, but were never able to find that “idea” to pursue. We decided to combine what we know and what we are passionate about: fly fishing, southern style, and our favorite fish species – trout. After an unsuccessful search for a simple “trout dad hat,” we decided to create our own design. We decided to try out hats and t-shirts first, but our goal is to create an entire line of clothing, from polo shirts, fishing shirts, and button-downs to socks and belts. Quality and durability are extremely important to us (one of us is a legit “quality snob”) and we aim to produce only top-of-the-line goods for you. If you want to keep up with what we are doing or just want to see some cool pics, give us a follow on Instagram @yewchati.

Keepin tight lines,



The Name

Each of us at Yewchati Co. were born and raised near the southern Appalachian mountains and we wanted the name of our company to reflect those roots.

Our favorite fishing spots are in the heart of Cherokee lands, and our name is derived from an old Cherokee word for "fish." Our pronunciation of Yewchati is "you-chah-tee" and we had been shouting it on the river whenever we caught a fish. It’s the perfect celebratory word after landing a beautiful trout! 

Whether it's Saturdays on the river, backyard barbecues, or sitting on the front porch with a cold one, we celebrate good times with friends. Our hope is to create products that reflect our passion for living "the good life." With that, we hope you enjoy what we make and always celebrate with a, "Yewchati!" 



5% Dedicated to conservation

At Yewchati Co., we have a deep passion for fishing and the outdoors. As anglers and outdoor enthusiasts, we believe it is our duty to be good stewards of our land and rivers. To that end, we are dedicating 5% of our profits to three conservation groups that we believe in. Our customers come from all over so we have chosen organizations to support at a national, regional, and local level. When you purchase our products, you will have the option of choosing which organization you would like your purchase to support.




Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

The primary objective of the TRCT is to ensure that all Americans have a quality place to hunt and fish by creating federal policy and finding solutions to preserve our public land. They are doing some incredible work to ensure future access to public lands. Learn more at www.trcp.org.


Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture

The EBTJV is a diverse group of partners that work collaboratively to conserve eastern Brook Trout and their habitats. They are doing excellent work to developed conservation strategies that protect, enhance and restore wild Brook Trout. Learn more at www.easternbrooktrout.org.

Lula Lake Land Trust

As Chattanooga natives, the LLLT is especially important to us. The primary objective of LLLT is to protect and preserve the natural beauty and abundant resources within the Rock Creek watershed for the benefit of present and future generations by fostering education, research and conservation stewardship of the land. Learn more at www.lulalake.org.